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Use Shadow Puppet EDU in the Classroom

Shadow Puppet EDU is a free, easy-to-use tool for creating videos using photos and video clips. Video has many uses in the classroom, as an effective learning tool in any subject. Students can narrate a process, or procedure, show the steps of a solution, present a published work, etc.

screenshot of Shadow Puppet EDU appFeatures of Shadow Puppet EDU

  • Combine video clips and images to make a video
  • Record voice-over narration, add music or both
  • Add animated text annotations and pointers
  • Interact with images while recording
  • Up to 100 items per video, and up to 30 min long
  • Built-in web search for images and animated GIFs (can be disabled in settings)
  • Automatic image citations are added at the end of videos that use web images
  • Tap undo to redo the recording for a particular page.
  • Copy a completed video to re-record it.
  • Easy to share or save to the camera roll
  • Works on iOS only

Ideas for Using Shadow Puppet EDU in the Classroom

  • Create a presentation with images of all the new words for the week.
  • Share three family traditions, using images, video clips, and text.
  • Create a presentation to publish your research project.
  • Create a presentation describing a field trip or a solution to a problem
  • For more ideas, get the Activity guide.

Differentiation Using Shadow Puppet EDU

  • Give students the photos/video clips needed for the video.
  • Give students a completed video that they can re-record.

Considerations for Using Shadow Puppet EDU

  • Have students create a storyboard before they create their video.
  • If students are working in groups, assign them roles and rotate the roles so that every child experiences all the components of the process


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